The Remains Of What Was Left

by Paper House

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Produced and mixed by Kenneth Kraylie
Recorded 2013-2015 at Sounds From The Basement Studios
Mastered by Craig Waddell
Artwork and design by Kat Grabowski

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released August 1, 2016

Paper House is:

Chris Dobosz
Kenneth Kraylie
Ted Lewis
Nick Penner



all rights reserved


Paper House British Columbia

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Track Name: Look At Us!

Travelling down
I don't know where I am going
Gazing around
What do I do
Covering ground
They don’t know but all I see is you

I want to see me looking at you
Looking at me

They all looked at me
They all thought that I was crazy
What do I see
Demons staring back me
And as I try to keep the time I don't know where I'm going
Track Name: Heartstrings

Pulling on my heartstrings
She walks out through the door
Caring to ignore
Me lying on the floor

Karolina Karolina can’t you see
You’re the kind of girl I’ve wanted for me
Never far away when I needed her
Well I know her but she’s not very strong
But I don’t mind

And now she's pulling on my heartstrings
She walks out through the door
Caring to ignore
Me lying on the floor

And now I think that it is over
I’ve tried to hard to keep my promises to you
But you’ve never gave me reason
To stick around anymore

Sentimental feelings cloud my actions once again
And when I think I can win she pulls me down again.

Pulling on my heartstrings
She walks out through the door
Caring to ignore
The fate she left untold
Track Name: Intricate Wisdom

This is an intricate wisdom
One that you've never seen or heard from before
Interactions arising
Surface heat is moving down to the core
Essence intertwining
Bridge the gap that you might cross this time

I don't know why you won't see me in the right

Eukaryotic confusion
Going out on a limb that's no longer there
Close the door behind me
Go outside to seek the red light flares
Sadness, madness, affliction
Lunar landscape fades before I die

If you want to know about me I want to know about you
Track Name: Hideaway

The day we met a thought passed through my open mind
I couldn’t decide whether you would be the one for me
Holding on to phantom ideas gone
You were obliged to see what it means to me

This will be the day
When I find you in a different way
This will be the day when I’m gone
In my hideaway

As passers by watch with envious eyes
I look upon your face and see what jealousy has bred in me
So I smiled and walked away

Slipping back into olden ways
Revisiting the moments gone away

Now we’ve met and I’ve come to regret the things we haven’t done
Something else to pass the time when we are not alone
Track Name: Jackknife
Track Name: Magic Wands

It feels right to take things slowly
When it's just so goddamn lowly
And you're burning in from the outside
And you're getting taken for a joy ride

Wands without magic, pentatonic Pentateuch
Might as well take pedagogy on a fluke
When sycophancy takes fancy straight en masse
Well, you might as well get down and kiss some

Asking questions of parents
The answers to which they daren't
Relinquish, due to sheer transparency
While somewhere, a lawn gnome sings longingly

That it's not me who should wake to this sleeping life
Well, shit sucks - and sucking shit supports your wife
And as you wave your magic wand just one more time
There's little hope you'll make it out with a sound mind

And body - viral infections
Are just a little better than rejection.
Validate the dates you're there, the ones you're not
Your knotted stomach now acting as a clock

Ticking and pulsing, and counting out the time
As you sift through a river of the slime
From mankind - but don't raise your whisper to a shout
No resurrection from this tomb, there's no way out

There's no way out...
Track Name: Fifth Child

Fifth child in a family of four
Fifth child he don’t exist any more
Fifth child I knew you so well
You sure ain’t up in heaven and you sure ain’t in hell

Fifth child quiet as can be
Fifth child what do you see
Fifth child you left a hole
Where your thoughts and feelings should go

Oh every day I put away another trinket that you left behind
Where did it go I want to know where you left my mind.

Fifth child you ain’t any fun
Fifth child you’ve barely begun
Fifth child is life easier yet
Now that you don’t have to rewind or reset

Sometimes I wonder how it would have been if I had another next of

Fifth child is life better off
Fifth child I thought I heard you cough
Track Name: For Wherever Home Is
Track Name: The Remains Of What Was Left

i.) Paradigm

ii.) The Cherry Grove

Spaced out by a cherry grove in the light of dawn
Graceful sit they paradigm lay upon the lawn
Chasing glory unaware that the sign has passed
Great delusion sputters out just above the grass

No solution for the problem that’s been plaguing them for oh so many years
Pale allusion faintly giving off a ray of light to the new mortality

Testing whether heightened eyes give us what they should
Rest easy they’re patented for the common good
Protect nations from attacks other men do lay
Some beliefs necessitate others just relay

Come along and you’ll see what we can find
Maybe this can salvage it from decline
If you were to leave you life now is the time
The narrow path will leave you torn and tried

The night watchmen gravitate to the force they feel
Tethered by a letter drawn until the night is sealed
Slowly creeping through the aisles carefully we seek
Spectacle is gathering for the new mystique

Breaking silence unaware that all the lines are drawn suspended in the air
Blissful violence gladly giving up all control to the new conspiracy

Carry home the remains of what was left
Just enough to regain our lost profits
Damage gone work is done and you will not forget
The time we spent to pay for all of that progress

iii.) Breaking Silence

The remains... the remains... the remains of what was left

iv.) What Was Left

In time I'll regain another one
You'll see